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We stock a huge range of nutrition books; you’ll find introductory nutrition texts that provide a great learning tool for the layperson in addition to technical texts aimed at the nutrition student and health practitioner. You’ll also find weight loss books, supplement books, superfood books, juicing books and general information about the ...Read more href="">healing power of nutrition.
Our selection of diet books and weight loss books is extensive. There are many contributors to weight management, such as genetic factors, medical disorders, yo-yo dieting, stress, hormonal imbalances and poor eating habits. With our broad range of weight loss books and dieting books there’s something for every weight loss goal.

The use of nutrition supplements is on the increase and it’s important to be well-informed about what they can be used for and how to take them. We have supplement books such as Shari Lieberman’s ‘The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book’ to guide lay people through the wide range of supplements, as well as essential titles for practitioners and students about drug and supplement interactions, including among many the popular title ‘A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions’ by Alan Gaby.

Students and practitioners will find much to complement their practice with our excellent range of nutrition reference and textbooks, including titles such as ‘The Textbook of Functional Medicine’ from the Institute of Functional Medicine and the very comprehensive new book ‘Nutritional Medicine’ from Alan Gaby. Also refer to the ‘Practitioner Reference’ category for a broader view of the huge range of useful medical books, naturopathy books, herbal medicine books and homeopathy books we have for practitioners and students.

The raw food and vegan/vegetarian lifestyles are becoming widely popular and our collection of raw books provides everything you’ll need, from introduction to raw food books to gourmet raw recipe books. Additionally we have a wide range of juicing books, sprouting books and superfoods books, including titles from the popular ‘Sproutman’ Steve Meyerowitz.

We also have a great selection macrobiotics books including macrobiotic recipe books such as ‘Basic Macrobiotic Cooking’ by macrobiotic educator George Ohsawa. Our range also includes books from Michio Kushi, for example ‘The Macrobiotic Way’ and ‘The Cancer Prevention Diet’; also see our cancer books section which contains many macrobiotic books.

In our sports nutrition section you’ll find some great sports nutrition books to help you gain maximum benefit from your exercise regime, and achieve peak performance for those interested in competitive sport. Our range includes vegetarian sports nutrition books and vegan sports nutrition books. You can find more information about exercise and sports in our Exercise category.

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