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In this section we have a wide range of specific naturopathic topics, including detoxification books, fasting books, iridology books, aromatherapy books, flower remedy books and hydrotherapy books. We also stock some more unusual titles, such as oxygen therapy and urine therapy books.

Our range incorporates naturopathy textbooks for the student or practitioner ...Read more including a good selection of iridology books, some of which are not easily sourced in the UK. We have classic naturapathy books such as ‘The Cause and Cure of Human Illness’ by Arnold Ehret as well as contemporary fasting and detoxing books such as ‘The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse’ by Andreas Moritz.

This section also includes general complementary therapy books and alternative medicine books, both for the home user and for practitioners. Some popular titles include Dr. Batmanghelidj’s ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’, ‘Case Studies for Complementary Therapists’, and ‘Prescription for Natural Cures’ by James Balch whose related titles can be found in the Nutrition category.

We also have Anthroposophy books and Natural Hygiene books, two systems of natural medicine.

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