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Herbal Medicine

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We stock a wide range of herbal medicine books, ranging from books giving an introduction to herbal medicine, to classic texts, to modern evidence-based textbooks aimed at the medical herbalist. Additionally students and practitioners will find an excellent range of herbal Materia Medica books, diagnostic books, and herbal field guide books. Additionally we have helpful reference ...Read more books such as the ‘Phytotherapy desk reference’ and herb/drug interactions books including ‘Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions’.

As well as European herb books we have books about herbs from the Americas. Our range covers many traditional herb books including shamanic herbs; some popular examples are ‘’The Western Herbal Tradition, ‘The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism’, ‘and ‘Plants of the Gods’. Also available are evidence-based herbal medicine books such as ‘Principles and Practice of Phythotherapy’ by Kerry Bone and ‘Herbal Constituents’ by Lisa Ganora.

Information about more specific herbs includes ‘Adaptogens’ by David Winston and we have information on Ayurvedic herbs. See also the World Medicine category for more general Ayurvedic texts.

The home user can find a great selection of books in the introduction section, including James Wong’s ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’.

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