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We stock a broad range of exercise books, from yoga and Pilates, to Qi Gong and Tai Chi, to sports nutrition. Our catalogue also includes many exercise DVDs, including yoga DVDs, Pilates DVDs and Qi Gong DVDs. The popular instructors in our range include yoga practitioners Rodney Yee and David Swenson and Qigong expert Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming to name but a few.

For the ...Read more serious or competitive sportsperson, nutrition may be an important consideration. Our selection of sports nutrition books provides information for all sporting disciplines and includes vegetarian sports nutrition books and vegan sports nutrition books. As a related issue, we also stock sports injury books, including massage and texts for physiotherapists and other manual practitioners. For our full range of practitioner and student text books please see the category Manual Therapies - Practitioner Reference.

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