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Chinese Medicine

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This section incorporates books for all kinds of TCM practitioners, including acupuncture books, acupressure books, TCM diagnostics books, Chinese herbs books, Chinese language books, Five Elements books and Chinese nutrition books. Additionally we have introduction to Chinese medicine books for the interested layperson or student.

Our Classic TCM books include many ...Read more excellent translations from Monkey Press, such as ‘The Eight Extraordinary Meridians’, ‘The Way of Heaven’ and ‘The Extraordinary Fu’ and also a wide range of traditional books such as ‘Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition’ from Lao Tzu and ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine’ to name but a few.

Students looking to improve their language skills to benefit their practice should refer to our TCM – Language section and we also have many useful practitioner reference books which will be appropriate for studying and for clinical reference. See also TCM diagnostics for help with facial diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis.

More specific aspects of the traditional Chinese medicine field are covered in our TCM nutrition books, TCM herbs books, Tui Na books and Five Elements books. Additionally we have sections relating to the TCM treatment of specific conditions or life stages, for example women’s health books, children’s health books and TCM cancer books.

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