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Children's Health

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In this section we have a great selection of books both for parents and for practitioners/students interested in working with children. This includes children’s health nutrition books, herbs books, homeopathy books and naturopathy books, as well as parenting books. Specific health concerns are covered with our range of autism books, ADHD/Hyperactivity books and vaccination books. ...Read more Here you’ll find books relating autism spectrum disorders to food intolerances, nutrition, and homeopathy.

We have general nutrition books for children’s health, including titles such as ‘Smart Food for Smart Kids’ from popular nutrition author Patrick Holford. Our Children’s nutrition section also includes infant- and children-friendly recipe books such as ‘Children’s Nutrition’ by Angela Falaschi, plus guidance on fussy eaters. We also have titles for vegetarian, vegan and raw nutrition in pregnancy and childcare.

Also see our Women’s Health books for more specific fertility books, pregnancy books and childbirth books, including guidance from leading fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West.

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