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We stock beauty and home books focusing on the increasingly popular fields of natural, environmentally friendly products. In our skincare books and natural cosmetics books you can learn about the benefits of natural and organic cosmetic products. Find out how to choose from the huge range of skincare products on the market by opting for non-toxic, environmentally friendly ranges; ...Read more you can even learn how to make your own healthy and eco-friendly cosmetics from natural food products. We have popular author Janey Lee Grace’s ‘Look Great Naturally...Without Ditching the Lipstick’ which is a great introduction.

We also have natural cleaning products books; learn how you can switch to non-toxic cleaning products with our range of eco-friendly cleaning books. For example, did you know that lemon juice is a powerful, natural and cheap cleaning product? Why not learn more with the ‘Miracle of Lemons’ by Penny Stanway.

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